Prayer Station at Trunk or Treat

“Carlos, age 15, spent a lot of time with my family and throughout the night (maybe an hour) he was hanging out at the prayer station but wouldn’t participate. My spirit told me that he had a need. I asked Cookie if she had noticed how he was lingering around watching others. I believe he was waiting until no one else was around and that he was looking for the opportune time to approach the table. As soon as the coast was clear, he made his move. He talked with Cookie for about 20 minutes (on his knees, I might add). Not only did he pray for his family, but he prayed for her too. God never ceases to amaze. Carlos is a gifted young man, kind, humble, generous and most of all has a true hunger for God.”

Catherine Wilson

YFC Board Member


Teen Parent Experiences God’s Provision

Here at YFC in our Successful Pathways program, we had a young teen who is currently pregnant and due in a few months. We have been meeting regularly and initially she was not open to having a conversation about God. Unfortunately, she has experienced some church hurt in the past. I did not give up and continued to pray for her. She has been very stressed because of her living situation. She needed to find housing before giving birth to her child. She continued to get turned down for housing because of her income and her age. I met with her this morning and we processed the situation. She went to view an apartment yesterday that she really loved. During my visit with her today I spoke about having faith, being hopeful and believing that when we ask God for something he will hear our prayers. This time she did not turn me down and listened to what I was saying. We had a conversation about prayer. I prayed over her housing situation and that she would get the apartment. Shortly after leaving our meeting, she called and let me know what she received a call from the landlord and that she was offered the apartment. She was really happy. Keep her in your prayers that her move will go smoothly.  

Danielle Jones

Former Successful Pathways Director