Successful Pathways

Successful Pathways

Successful Pathways of YFC

Successful Pathways is a ministry of Rochester Youth for Christ formed to equip youth with the skills necessary to move from dependence to independence. We provide support services to teen parents both male and female, as well as providing preventive services to teens that may be at risk for early parenting. The agency directs its services to those who live within the Rochester City limits.

Supportive case management

Each participant is assigned a Supportive Case Manager who will assist them in developing and completing an individualized goal plan. Common goals include graduating High School, finding a part time job, and relocation.

Mentoring Program

Each interested participant is matched with a Mentor. Mentors are expected to engage the participant within the community, provide a social outlet, model responsible behavior, and serve as additional support to the teen.

Real life issues Support Group

The Real Life Issues Support Group (RLI) was formed for youth to have a venue to discuss issues that concern their everyday life. The curriculum emphasizes social skills and is designed to prepare young people to care about themselves, their family, and their community. During the school year this group normally meets weekly on Tuesday nights.

Teen and Baby Boutiques

Participants attending RLI and meeting Case Management goals earn boutique bucks. Along with clothing and hygiene products, participants are able to receive items such as changing tables, car seats, diapers, as they become available.

Mission Statement

Our mission is changing kids’ lives through relationships, life coaching, leadership development, and a living faith in Jesus Christ.