All-Star Sports Ministries

All-Star Sports Ministries

All-Star Sports Ministries

A community collaborative sports program for youth ages 9-18. The purpose is to create an environment which fosters healthy relationships. Mentor/coaches, who are trained volunteers, encourage each player, coach basic skills and teach life principles through “Hoop Talk” a character based/Bible discussion encouraging personal growth and responsibility. Sports presently include: Basketball, Hockey, and Cheerleading.


Character Discussion

Each week, players will be involved in an open dialogue session. This session will allow them to voice their opinions on different topics that affect their daily lives, as well as those around them.

Personal growth

Through our sport leagues, the young men and women will learn more about themselves. Here at Youth for Christ, we teach leadership to all our youth. In order to be a leader, youth must understand their strengths, as well as their weaknesses.


We teach our youth to be liable for all of their actions. In realizing what you’ve done wrong, and correcting your mistakes, it enables our youth to mature as young adults.

Healthy relationships

Communication, respect, and trust are important amongst our staff and youth. We understand that in order to form and maintain strong relationships, we must love others and we love ourselves.

Mission Statement

Our mission is changing kids’ lives through relationships, life coaching, leadership development, and a living faith in Jesus Christ.


Executive Director Larry Waller